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Plastindia will be an internationally recognized organization devoted to promoting excellence in the field of plastics and making India a preferred sourcing base for plastics products for the world. It will support and encourage development of outstanding Institutions committed to education and research with emphasis on achieving the highest standards of quality in plastics products and developing effective techniques for their recycling. It will build awareness of the significant contribution made by plastics to society and the environment.



  • To enhance the image and the growth of Indian Plastics Industry by holding World-class exhibitions in India, at regular intervals.
  • To encourage theme-based exhibitions in India.
  • To provide opportunities to demonstrate the industry's capabilities, participate in international exhibitions.
  • To educate the benefits of plastics to all segments of society, either directly or through associations.
  • To act as the catalyst for growth to the plastics industry and prepare plans and actions for up gradation of quality, environment-friendliness and recycling within the plastics industry.
  • To create a positive policy framework with all statutory entities and increase per capital consumption of plastics, encourage exports thereby significantly contributing to national growth.
  • To be a flexible, vibrant and proactive body.


  • To organise and participate in international exhibition held abroad in the coming years with the aim of showcasing Indian plastic industry to the world in order to promote and boost its exports business volumes and revenues Promote development and co-ordinate the multi-faceted growth of the industry.
  • Help promote R & D activities, standardisation, quality control and testing facilities.
  • Undertake and assist man-power development programmes.
  • Help conserve energy, scarce materials and natural resources and protect the environment.
  • Assist improvement and widen the usage of Plastics materials.
  • Promote scientific recycling of Plastics.
  • Encourage co-operation amongst the various organisations and institutions connected with the Plastics industry.

Glimpse of Plast India 2018. 

Plast india
Plast india
Plast india